Recordings of a crepuscular event

'…the advantage of being forced to work slower..'
-Philip Sulidae

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05. Further down the line (Early morning storm) (09:07) 43,6Mb DOWNLOAD

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What does one expect from the practice of “Field Recording”, a genre which seems to turn its back on the parameters of a musical industry based on the “easily consumable/quickly memorable” and which educates us to listen ?…

Partly an opportunity of a unique journey such as the who’s who of audio-naturalists can provide…a phonographic cropping which glues itself in and flirts with our memories… but above all, to my mind, essentially, the discovery of a close relationship to the world, and the blossoming of it, and also a powerful sensory stimulation through a fiction that our imaginary dresses up to its liking according to personal experience…

The Australian Philip Sulidae, gifted with an acute sense of sound observation is an enlightening example of this latest tendency…his goal is clearly not the docu-reality, but the transposition, the overhaul of select scattered fragments in an haunted patch-work, a dense, cinematic composition with a very particular grain and littered with micro-details…an editing in keeping with the elements which have infiltrated his unconscious to the point of becoming its mirror-image by absorption…

In “Recordings of a crepuscular event”, from first slice, the piece “Shadows suburbs” sets the tone ; one nestles into the dark, into the momentum of a charcoal which crushes, and its curls of graphite dust…a boned urban suburb of whom would only remain spectral traces of elapsed movements, sighs of an erased traffic…

“Accompanied hands” alternates dim voices, obscure manipulations, obsessing hum under some crackled varnish…

“Falls” distils an unbridled like free electricity, wheezes from obsolete, battered mechanisms, stamping of plants, statics and interferences, sliding on metal and vague breath, all to the sound of invisible insects…

“Arncliffe passing” tells a figurative crossing in ferry…from the motor rises up a slow monotonous chant closing with an opening gate which dumps its few passengers into the night…footsteps, wanderings, paced by a grey rain…

Finally, in “Further down the line (early morning storm)”, loaded and unstable air comes uninvited, thunder rumbles…changes into cracks, rustles, undefined agitations, evaporating in a distant drone punctuated with nocturnal insects…

in the end, the sensation of a long dazed spliceless ride…

Philip Sulidae keeps the substrate of real sounds which he then reroutes, while emphasizing on the quality of their sequences, modelling them in a kind of constant and gripping sound travelling, far from simple collage…he grabs us and take us away along side roads, an always fascinating liminal universe, a sort of “in-between two worlds” which gives more to feel, to imagine than to see… a most heady dusk !

-David Crockaert (from The Field Reporter)



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artwork/cover design:
©2012 Philip Sulidae
©2012 David Vélez
©2012 Philip Sulidae
©2012 Impulsive Habitat

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