I believe (draft 2)

“I believe (draft 2)” was a process. A long process.

One physical, and another non-physical.
That is to say, at least in a modern tongue anyway, “one of subtle energy”.

There are certain strangeness-es in our lives that cannot be guild-ed into clarity even in hindsight. Mysteries are like that. All we can do is trust and have the faith in ourselves where we are tonight. And also among those secretive things to which we’ve only heard and wondered about as lonesome teenage dreamers.

Belief is non-physical. …tinkering as that of the coal miner who accidentally strikes oil, or finds gold, beliefs can change our lives in a single gesture. …on the unmistakable connector, that being, peace, I found myself fixing this into a second draft. I guess you could say I took a leap of faith...

Space/time/dimensions enough for All.

There are 2 versions of this work. The first draft carving many trails detailing growth from within, and being quite distinct from the physical appearance of age conquering childhood hostility and inert marvel via innocence, yet this track is still in a process of its own. And then there’s this second draft that is mostly concerned with transitions into inevitable peace.
This is what you are about to hear (draft 2). …Maybe the first draft will see the light of day at some point, but honestly, maybe best left of it’s own needed obscurity. Time will tell.

Certainly it is in the arrangement, or possibly the dialogue between the glitchy transitions into the rich stoicism of the clandestine field recordings, and variant drones, yet because there is this feeling of transition inherent throughout the whole thing, its hard not to view the sound of “I believe (draft 2)” as reminiscent of ‘a passing’.

In a way this piece is a 'release in a sense', and definitely an indirect way of thanking people.

A thank you to the small number of kind-hearted folks who have been with me thru my travels since day one, and a hello to those I’m about to meet.

This “release” is about making peace with my surrounding world and the inevitable transitions that admittedly made me initially frightened - and even ticked me off early on, yet urged me to keep going with a sense of embittered irony which ultimately lead me into an inner calm I had not known before. But mainly a thanks to those souls that have helped get me back into “me” and onto the wonder-filled changes that I have learned to investigate with a now open heart. Survival aside, in order to get human again, its time to heal away from certain 'philosophic gestures'…
- Cordell Klier

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